Frequently Asked Questions

I have cloudy water. What should I do?

Cloudy water can be caused by multiple reasons. The most likely reason is due to lack of sanitizer in your water. Make sure you have the right level of sanitizer by testing for correct levels. If you have the correct amount of sanitizer make sure your filter is clean and doesn’t have any tears. Another possible cause is a buildup of small particles in the water that are passing through your filter and a clarifier such as Bright & Clear will clump them together so they can't pass through the filter. pH, total alkalinity (Spa Up or Down) or high calcium (Calcium booster or drain and add water) out of balance can cause cloudy water, so make sure they are within proper levels.

Why do I see chalky white scale deposits?

This is usually caused by high mineral content, such as high levels of calcium use a sequestering agent such as Defender weekly.

My water is greenish!

If your water is cloudy green add a sanitizer but if it’s a clear green add sequester such as Metal Gon to remove metals in the water and check your pH levels.

My water is brown!

Add a sequester such as Metal Gon to remove iron or manganese in the water.

My water has odor or smells bad!

Contaminants in the water are usually the culprit for odors. Verify sanitizer levels and add Shock. If you have done the above and still smell odor clean the underside of your cover. Ozone has a sweet smell and is noticed when first opening the cover.

I get irritation in my eyes or skin.

Test pH and alkalinity for proper levels and adjust if needed. If levels fell within the correct range you may have high levels of chloramines – add shock to remove chloramines. Keep sanitizer levels at proper levels.

I cough when using my spa.

One possibility is high levels of biguanides or you have entered your water shortly after sanitizer or shock has been added. When using test strips be sure to follow the instructions carefully for proper biguanide readings. Most shocks require a minimum of 30 minutes before you can enter the water.

I have a ring around the waterline.

This is usually caused by lotions, detergents and oils. Remove it by adding enzyme or wipe it away with a sponge using a small amount of spa down on it.

What does Spa down do?

Spa down decreases pH & alkalinity.

What does Spa Up do?

Spa Up increases pH & alkalinity.

What is a sanitizer?

Sanitizers kill bacteria, such as Spa56, bromine and ozone.

If I have Ozone do I need to use a sanitizer?

Yes, ozone reduces the amount of sanitizer needed but doesn’t eliminate it. Be sure to use a sanitizer.

I want to change sanitizers. Do I need to drain my water?

Chlorine and bromine don't require you to drain your spa. However, if you are going to change from a chlorine or bromine to a biguanide then yes, and be sure to clean your filter.

How often should I change my water?

Depends on the sanitizer being used but a good rule of thumb is every 3 to 4 months.

How often should I clean my filter?

Depends on the sanitizer and type of filter but a good rule of thumb is once every month. If you’re using a micro filter they should usually be replaced every 4-6 months. People using a biguanide need to use a chemical that breaks down the build up on the filter so be sure to use a filter clean solution and soak overnight.

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